Payne Med Billing
Brooklyn, NY
"With our previous vendor we ran into several issues in getting paid, and the software was a bit hard to understand given our constant growth with staff. So after viewing a demonstration and hearing rave reviews on EBS Medical Chart Solutions, we made the move and are glad we never looked back."
Ingeborg Dziedzic, MD
Pleasantville, NY
"EBS "Easy Billing System" is just what it states: Easy!! Easy to use, fast and efficient, a definite plus to have in any office. We recently updated to SE version and are very impressed with the program. It is very user friendly and has saved us a lot of time and money. The EBS program pays for itself!."

I can't forget their Specialty EMR product which was customized for my Opthamology Practice. Every time a see a new patient and go through their chief complaints using my newly created customized templates, I ask myself, "what took me so long to change products, this is fantastic! "

Dr. John Cappa
Valhalla, NY
"What more can be said about Easy Billing Systems, when the first word describing the company says so much about them. I for one, looooooveee their customer support line, because you know when problems arise in which you have no idea how to handle; the solution? pick up the phone; ask for a technician, and lay it on em! "
The staff of
Dr. Jayesh Patel
East Hills, NY
"We've tried several different programs with mixed results; in choosing EBS Medical Chart Solutions, we struck gold. The search for easy to use billing software was closed. We can surely say: "We wouldn't have made it this far without EBS."
Billing for Doctors
Nanuet, NY
"As a billing practice, we deal with tons of issues trying to get paid on time and to no surprise, EBS Medical Chart Solutions gets the job done."
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