Patient Charting
Free up office space by eliminating cabinets and drawers overloaded with patient charting and related documents. Become paperless!
Encounter Notes
Feel at ease with a versatile method of documentation for patient encounters.
Super Bill
Interested in speeding up the process of creating bills? Utilize pre-structured forms to simplify how you see patients and bill for them.
  Imaging \ Document Scanning
Improve the efficiency of file management with our scanning integration.
If claims are submitted electronically, why not prescriptions? In the process of prescribing the physician is alerted to possible interactions of medications along with patient allergies.
  Lab Tracking
Expediting lab results tends to put a patient's mind at ease, having this function will definitely increase overall customer satisfaction.
To Do / Reminders / Alerts
With more important issues on a doctor's mind they tends to forget the little things, thus proving; a versatile reminder appearing on a utility the doctor interacts with daily might prove useful.
  Mobile Office Solutions
As technology has become more mobile orientated, a portable data device becomes a new staple of the tech trendy physician.
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