Mobile Office Solutions
Latest technology integration! With the advancements in hand held technology, we have put forth a commendable amount of effort to accommodate practices looking to push forward and utilize these tools. We have kept up with mobile technology to provide you with:
Full Functionality of EMR System on Mobile Devices!!!!
Patient Demographics

Encounter Notes



Appointment Scheduler
And More ....
Access patient information while
you are on the move!
Remote Office Setup
Do you have multiple offices needing our solution?
We can get you started without either of us leaving the building!
Remote Access
This is a great option for those employing multiple offices, or those who wish to gain remote access. From managing multiple locations to continuing work from home, this feature can be quite universal.
Cloud Solution
If you got the internet, you got the Cloud! You can access your program from anywhere in the world that the internet is available!
Create Your Private Cloud
Quick setup and access

Use secure infrastructure for data

EBS Medical Chart Solutions Cloud
Provide backup service

Enhanced storage

Maintenance, etc.
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