With extensive experience in specialty specific billing services, MCS Billing Services have demonstrated though a 100% satisfactory rated clientele base that we possess the capability to increase and maximize revenue collections.
Personal one on one consultation provides assurance of our ability to deliver and display our wealth of knowledge in the areas of coding, accounts receivable management, managed care contracting and compliance.
With positive client feedback, you can be assured of our guarantee on delivering an overall improvement financially and offering a satisfactory experience with our service.
As with a knowledgeable staff on board, we utilize the following processes to maximize revenue while remaining compliant.

  • CCI audits 100% of the time prior to actual claim submission
  • Timely claim submissions within 72 hours of receipt
  • Electronic submissions are utilized to ensure rapid acknowledgements of any rejections

Our methodology rivals many companies in our industry; however with a hand in the billing software industry, we bring more to the table than most generic billing services. Providing improved revenue and organization is but just the few benefits obtained from our service. Given the foundation of our company, we are able to provide the actual practice management and electronic health records software to our clients at no cost.
As experts in the billing software industry, we have established an exclusive relationship with a vast network of EDI companies as well as established clearinghouses which we ourselves utilize as well as the clients of our billing software. With that said we have the capability to implement tailored edits and tracking methods, and provide several levels of customizable reports which other services do not have the capability of doing, as we can directly manipulate the billing software.
Effective payment posting and a well trained staff capable of spotting payer trends and reimbursement methodology, we avoid any possible lost in revenue.  Payment posters know when to forward an unacceptable out-of-network payment to the A/R Team.  In only that way can the A/R team judiciously appeal for reconsideration thereby averting an erroneous adjustment simply because the EOB claims that the services are not covered. 
Receivables management is vital to effective collecting; the following is what we go through:

  • Capture every last penny per case
  • Maximize out-of-net reimbursement
  • Achieve successful appeals outcome
  • Analyze industry benchmarks to compare your cash per case by specialty
  • Evaluate your fee schedule against your payments
  • Cultivate, bolster and sustain relationships with carriers for expedited payments
  • Dissect aging reports to optimize work efficiency
  • Ad Hoc reporting to document trends on cash flow, carrier issues, provider productivity and cradle to grave business inefficiencies in a given organization

Backed by CCI standards and claim audits, we effectively code at two levels, with the first being the staff’s experience at a certified level. Our approach is simple:

  • Coding is completed with in 24-48 hours from receipt of all source documentation.
  • We have a standardized approach to coding, allowing us to code for maximum reimbursement while keeping you compliant.
  • Our coders work closely with the payment posters and A/R managers to get your claims paid fast and correctly.
  • Our coders will provide you with weekly missing information reports to keep you up to date on what is outstanding and to help expedite getting your claims out the door.
  • With National Medical Billing Services, you will have a team of coders at your service to research and discuss difficult coding scenarios.

With 17 years in the business, and an extensive history all specialties, MCS billing service not only offers the expertise in the billing we also provide the physician the capability of linking into hospitals and transcription services to download and process their workflow with ease. At no additional cost, we are also capable of providing software for the physician to utilize as well as monitor their practice accordingly.

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