Our Technical Support team is ready and available daily to help you with your technical and training needs. They are well trained with expertise in handling your specific needs with minimum response time. We are committed to providing full product support for maintenance, installation, troubleshooting and billing issues just to name a few. We want 100% client satisfaction!    
  Existing Clients    
  If you need technical support, please complete the following steps.    
  1   Call Technical Support @ 845-634-4400    
  a. We will diagnose problem and determine if we can resolve it by logging on to LogMeIn123.com. If so, go to step 2, we will provide you with a 6-digit code to enter.    
  2   Go to: www.LogMeIn123.com    
  a. The LogMeIn Rescue screen appears    
  3   Under the "Support Connection" heading, enter the code provided by our Technical Support team in the "Enter your 6-digit code" field.    
  4   Click "Start Download" button    
  a. A box appears "Do you want to Run or Save" Support LogMeIn...    
  5   Click "Run"    
  a. "EBS Medical Solutions" box will appear allowing us to connect. It reads:
"A support representative will be with you shortly"

b. Wait for the next instruction which reads:
"Support session established with MCS Technician"
  6   MCS Technician is waiting for permission to gain access.    
  a. An EBS Medical Solutions box appears in the middle of the screen 2 times Click OK, click OK    
  From this point, the technician will advise you if any additional information is required.    
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